Empowerment and Excellence

At 1876 Partners, we’re not just investors; we’re your partners, committed to nurturing growth, ensuring sustainability, and elevating the legacy of your company.

We are more than just capital.

We have high expectations of excellence, for ourselves and the companies we work with, underpinned by a culture of meritocracy. We understand that every founder’s story and every transaction is unique, but the end goal is always the same: optimizing value creation.


  • Clear strategic direction

  • Empowerment of management team

  • Fostering a culture of fairness, honesty, and candor

At every pivotal transition, you, the founder, stand at the heart of our approach. We’re here to amplify your efforts, offering you a path to capitalize on the next chapter of your journey.

Strategic Investment Focus

Our investment strategy is tailored and focused. We target verticalized software, technology-enabled services, and data companies that demonstrate strong management teams and operate within the lower middle market. Here’s what we look for in a potential partnership:

  1. 01


    Profitable companies with up to $10M in EBITDA.

  2. 02

    Market Position

    Mission-critical with a focus on vertical markets.

  3. 03

    Revenue Model

    A strong emphasis on recurring revenue.

  4. 04


    Preferably family or founder-owned entities.

  5. 05

    Market Dynamics

    Operations in fragmented markets with low customer concentration.

  6. 06


    A robust and experienced management team that possesses deep domain expertise.

  7. 07

    Geographic Focus

    Companies based in the US or Canada.

  8. 08


    An actionable acquisition pipeline.

We have a particular interest in technology companies within these verticals:

  • Automotive

  • Agriculture

  • Construction

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Security

  • Government

  • Public Safety

  • Legal & Compliance

  • Real Estate

  • Financial Services

  • Transportation & Logistics

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